Meet the stunning Phoebe Ghorayeb, a Sydney based model, mother of two (soon to be three!), foodie, presenter and blogger at Model Appetite.

We recently treated Phoebe and her bestie, Catherine, to an early Mother's Day lunch at the beautiful Mimi's and sat down with her to discuss all things motherhood and her plans for Mother's Day this year...

Phoebe wears the James maxi in stone.

How has motherhood changed the way you view the world?

I would say I am more conscious about leaving the world a better place for my children. Whether that’s buying eco-friendlier products, utilising hand-me-down clothes and toys and just generally limiting our overall footprint. In fact, we are currently renovating in the Northern Beaches and my husband has designed it so we are completely off the grid in 5 years. I think we’ve all realised how fragile our planet really is and any small changes will hopefully add to its longevity and therefore our children’s.

What have you learnt since becoming a mother?

This might sound ever so slightly morbid but I have learnt the true fear of my own mortality. Looking after myself and staying healthy and active before children was purely for my own benefit, now it’s soley for the benefit of my kids. I remember when Valentina was born I was overcome with emotion, how I never wanted to leave her, I never wanted her to be alone, that no one would ever love her like I do (not including her dad of course). The fear of me passing away is now based purely on how it would affect my children. It’s morbid as I said but it’s the most impactful thing I’ve learnt as a mother.

Catherine wears the James maxi in fuschia and Phoebe wears the James maxi in stone.
How are you and your family spending Mother’s Day this year? 

Well sadly as I write this I’m surrounded by a box of tissues, packets of Hydralyte, Panadol and water, so it looks like this Mother’s Day will be pretty low key. However, at 32 weeks pregnant it was hardly going to be a rave... I imagine it starting with pancakes in bed, followed by a stroll down to our local Bondi Markets, then home for an afternoon of movies and tasty treats.

Phoebe wears the James maxi in stone.

Catherine wears the James maxi in fuschia

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