Introducing Shadow Play Print

Sarah Gardner is a New Zealand artist based in Auckland. The Browne School of Art graduate’s painting practice sits alongside her role as creative director at Tiny Hunter in Sydney. Her art often informs and is apparent in the creative projects she works on and for our HS22 collection, Sarah created Shadow Play, a study in visual references taken from shadows. 

As she explains “I am interested mainly in the concept of the fragility of them, where through the light source they diminish or becoming stronger, their form, depth and size in a constant state of flux. This past year in particular I find this so relevant and illustrative of our new unpredictable way of living. Shadows are often seen as dark sinister places. I am celebrating them - capturing these moments, initially through a photograph. Shadows which are often un-seen, un-noticed. Taken for granted.

The challenge for me is to take something which is not physically there, transforming it into solid objects which act to either create a passage through the two dimensional space or create tension by suspending them in space. I am interested in the position of these objects on the paper, how they anchor the composition or create tension by sitting in a place where they shouldn’t be. I want to create depth and layering which goes beyond the surface.”