From the Co-Founders

Bird and Knoll are more than just a business. We are a brand intent on creating collections designed and manufactured with integrity – to be worn season after season. While the world that we knew has turned on its head and is now starting to settle into a “new” normality, our earth and its communities are still very much at the mercy of our actions (and in-actions).

As co-founders of a contemporary fashion label, we recognise that the fashion industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and waste which is why we are constantly evaluating how to reduce our environmental footprint, including shipping our seasonal wholesale collections to our vendors in Better Packaging’s fully compostable bags and all of our online shipments in environmentally friendly recyclable packaging.

We all have the power within us to create change and contribute to a better more equal future – even the smallest actions can have the biggest impact. We have recently partnered with Trace, an organisation that facilitates carbon emission offset programmes, helping brands such as ours to work towards becoming carbon positive. Through this partnership, we support safe water projects in Rwanda, biodiversity projects in Australia, biogas projects in Kenya and tree planting in Australia and Asia.

We are just as dedicated to social responsibilities as we are to environmental issues. To this end, we work with i=change, giving back $2 from every online purchase to projects supporting keeping girls in school, preventing child marriage and clothing the needy. We are also very proud to work with Thread Together, an organisation dedicated to diverting our fashion waste from landfill to people in need.

Our Circular Fashion Partners

We have partnered with AirRobe, Australia's new pre-loved fashion marketplace where you can rent, resell and recycle on. AirRobe integrates with our online store making it easier to re-sell your Bird & Knoll pieces down the line.

It’s an easy way to view your uploaded items to re-sell on AirRobe and you can monitor the positive impact you’re making on the planet (and your purse). And, any purchase you make through AirRobe, will also go into your private AirRobe account.

Worn For Good

A sustainable, purposeful and feel good way to shop.

We have donated two beautiful capsules of clothing to our friends at Worn For Good to shop, in support of the Ukrainian people. 100% of profits from every piece sold goes towards the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Circulating fashion to support a circular industry and raise funds for the causes we care about.

Discover Nat’s Wardrobe here
Discover the Bird & Knoll Capsule here 

New & pre-loved designer apparel from your favourite brands & fashion heavyweights. Worn for Good support circular fashion with 100% of profits going to charity.

We know that there is more that we can do and we will continue to explore ways to reduce our emissions and our waste, to empower the people in our supply chain and to ensure responsible business practices and positive, impactful community involvement.

If you would like to know more about the projects we support, please email via the email below: We would also value any feedback or suggestions that you may have on this journey.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

Natalie and Macayla