we are proud to continue our commitment to helping communities and protecting wildlife through our latest visual campaign Wild by bird & knoll x deon de villiers.  along with your support we want to make a difference for five of the world's most vulnerable species.
$30 from every Wild scarf purchased is donated to the endangered wildlife trust through the rainforest trust and their conservation circle. in turn our donation is then matched by the trust and their SAVES Challenge.


"My travels often extended for weeks in the African savannah, and excitement seemed to be around every corner, yet it was often the simple scenes that captivated my attention. When looking back through images I had captured in the Okavango Delta, I knew I had captured ... the sleek and agile leopard in trees, the precious and rare black rhino and the majestic lion stalking his prey, but it was this image that stood out from the rest ... nature's canvas perfectly adorned with brilliant colour and form ... an absolute work of art."   Deon De Villiers - conservationist and wildlife photographer


only recently have we become aware that giraffe have more sub species than originally thought. under our watchful eyes the giraffes evolution is ongoing, yet again our understanding has been shattered in the realisation that numbers have plummeted by nearly 40 percent in the last few decades - a silent extinction is underway! today giraffe is listed as "vulnerable" on the international union for conservation of nature (IUCN) red list of threatened species.

if you would like to personally donate to this mission to protect endangered wildlife through the purchase of protected land in south africa, click here