Uluwatu is known for its rolling surf break and breathtaking sunsets. Stay at the Ungasan, this exclusive resort offers private villas with infinity pools overlooking the ocean. The panoramic views from the cliff-top villas are truly spectacular.

Do visit the iconic Uluwatu Temple, a 10th-century Balinese sea temple perched on a cliff, offering an unforgettable sunset view. Explore nearby beaches such as Padang Padang, Bingin, and Dreamland, known for their pristine sands and waves for surfing. Immerse yourself in the vibrant beach culture, and spend the day at a beach club, Sundays or Karma are my favourite. Enjoy dinner at Bartolo and indulge in a margarita or two while you soak up the gorgeous interiors.

Uluwatu is a paradise for nature lovers, adventurers, and those seeking a relaxing escape amidst beautiful landscapes and rich cultural experiences.


This laid-back coastal village has grown into a trendy and bustling hotspot known for its vibrant dining scene. Stay, overlooking Echo beach at Como Uma Canggu or more centrally at The Slow or Hotel Sages.

The culinary scene in Canggu is diverse and exciting, with numerous cafes, restaurants, and warungs (local eateries) to explore. Eat at Luma known for their delicious mediterranean food, beautiful fit out and central location pool which is now a sunken seating area. I also recommend Billy Ho, the smoked ponzu eggplant is a must and the menu at Skool is both delicious and impressive. Although don't miss sampling the local Indonesian dishes at warungs like Warung Bu Mi or Warung Varuna, where you can enjoy flavourful nasi goreng (fried rice), satay, and other traditional delicacies.

Canggu's lively nightlife shouldn't be missed. Chill out at beach bars like La Brissa or The Lawn, where you can enjoy live music.


Located in the heart of Bali, is a serene and cultural haven known for its lush green landscapes and spiritual charm.

Stay at the best kept secret boutique Chapung Sebali surrounded by rice fields and truely so blissful or the Zen hideaway for a uniquely balinese open air living experience.

Ubud's dining scene is diverse and vibrant, with numerous organic cafes, traditional warungs, and upscale restaurants. Eat a smoothie bowl at Milk & Madu.

Don't miss exploring the Ubud Monkey Forest, visiting the majestic Tegalalang Rice Terraces, immersing yourself in Balinese art at the ARMA Museum, and experience a traditional dance performance at the Ubud Palace. Go to a yoga or meditation class, or simply stroll through the vibrant Ubud Market. There are so many wonderful ways to embrace the tranquil ambiance of this enchanting town.

Macayla's Favourites

Day club: Jungle fish in Ubud
Beach club: Karma Beach Club or Sundays Beach Club Uluwatu (next to each other)
Hotel: Uma Como in Canggu
Breakfast: Milk & Madu or Crate in Canggu
Lunch spot: Sardine in Seminyak Dinner: Skool in Canggu
Sunset drinks bar: Ulu Cliffhouse in Uluwatu
Late lunch venue: La Brissa at Pererenan Beach
Artisan Bakery: Bread & Coffee Fold in Canggu
Cocktails: the best strawberry daiquiri at the Lawn or chilli margarita at Mason in Canggu
Night market: Love Anchor or Old Mans Market Canggu
Spa & Massage: Spring Spa Canggu
Worth a visit: Penny Lane restaurant in Canggu