We have partnered with AirRobe, Australia's new pre-loved fashion marketplace where you can rent, resell and recycle on. AirRobe integrates with our online store making it easier to re-sell your Bird & Knoll pieces down the line.

It’s an easy way to view your uploaded items to re-sell on AirRobe and you can monitor the positive impact you’re making on the planet (and your purse). And, any purchase you make through AirRobe, will also go into your private AirRobe account.

Bird & Knoll X CICON

We are delighted to be partnering with CICON, your circular wardrobe concierge. An App that helps close the loop on your Bird & Knoll pieces, extending the lifecycle of your garments through eco-care, repair, rent, resell, or donation while tracing the impact of your wardrobe on the planet. 

Bird & Knoll are proud to have been selected as a debut partner for this pioneering circularity solution. We believe that you, our Bird & Knoll community, will see the value of the CICON App with your appreciation of the importance of sustainability and accountability and your love of mindfully designed and created fashion.  

CICON’s role is to give users easy access to the tools and resources necessary, all with the environment in mind. Each Bird & Knoll piece is given an initial impact rating from its raw materials and production, that you then take into your own hands once you begin to wear, care and become the custodian of your Bird & Knoll. The Eco cleaning solutions ensure harsh chemicals are kept out of our waterways and atmosphere. The rent and resell work to close the loop of the garment's lifecycle. As an added benefit, you earn rewards each time you use CICON that you can spend on future CICON services or with your favourite CICON brand partners.  

The beautifully designed system makes using CICON so simple: download from the app store and begin entering your Bird & Knoll pieces by scanning the QR code emailed to you or found on our website. 

Worn For Good

A sustainable, purposeful and feel good way to shop.

We have donated two beautiful capsules of clothing to our friends at Worn For Good to shop, in support of the Ukrainian people. 100% of profits from every piece sold goes towards the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Circulating fashion to support a circular industry and raise funds for the causes we care about.

Discover Nat’s Wardrobe here
Discover the Bird & Knoll Capsule

New & pre-loved designer apparel from your favourite brands & fashion heavyweights. Worn for Good support circular fashion with 100% of profits going to charity.

We know that there is more that we can do and we will continue to explore ways to reduce our emissions and our waste, to empower the people in our supply chain and to ensure responsible business practices and positive, impactful community involvement.

If you would like to know more about the projects we support, please email via the email below: We would also value any feedback or suggestions that you may have on this journey.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

Natalie and Macayla