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Refresh your look, try before you buy, or wear a piece of Bird & Knoll to your next event with our new rental service. You can now rent a Bird & Knoll piece from our exclusive RNTR capsule without the investment, furthering our commitment to sustainable fashion and giving our pieces the longest lifespan possible.

Making Fashion Circular...

In the current day, clothing is massively underutilised, especially in high-income countries such as the US, UK and Australia, where garments are worn for around a quarter of the global average. In addition, the textile industry relies heavily on non-renewable resources. When combining the low use of garments and low level of recycling, the current wasteful linear system is one of the root causes of the enormous pressure on resources beyond the use of raw materials. 

The overarching vision of a new textiles economy is that it aligns with the principles of a circular economy: one that is restorative and regenerative by design and provides benefits for business, society, and the environment. In such a system, clothes, textiles, and fibres are kept at their highest value during their use and re-enter the economy after use, never ending up as waste.

How to rent Bird & Knoll with Rntr...

Get access to more of our beautiful range for less...

The rental fee starts from as little as 15% of full price for 4, 8, 14 or 30 days. You will find the rental button option on select product pages, giving you the option to enjoy our feminine styles at a lower price while ensuring each product gets a longer and well loved lif

How Rntr Works

  • 1. Discover & Rent

    Click RENT below and scroll through our rental offering to select the pieces you’d like to rent. On select product pages, click the 'Rent with Rntr' button.

    Choose your rental term and dates (if you have an event, a day or two before is best) and fill in your shipping and payment details.

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  • 2. Love

    Receive your rental items. Mix and match the garments you rented from us with your wardrobe staples. Love it? You can buy it!* Or return it for someone else to love.

    *if you choose to purchase after renting, send your
    rental back and we will send you a brand new one for a special post-rental discount.

  • 3. Return

    Return your rental in the original prepaid packaging with return label included. No cleaning needed, leave the dirty work to us!

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Customer Service

You can reach out to the Rntr team for any enquiries at For more urgent requests, please message Rntr. on the Rntr. Facebook page and their customer service team will get back to you within a few hours.

When you rent an item with Rntr. your data will enter both Rntr. and our brand's database, please ensure to check our privacy policy.

You can find the Rntr. data privacy policy here.

Rent Bird & Knoll with Rntr

This service has been designed to give you more options at an accessible price with less unnecessary waste to our planet.